Well, we’re not always going to be young without a care in the world and zero responsibilities. Before you know it, you’re moving out of your parents’ house for college and living on your own then discovering there is so much to know as an adult. You never imagine having to keep up with paying […]

Insurance Business Article December 2013 copy There’s no question that Sharp Insurance is making waves in the insurance industry.  They actually specialize in providing fast insurance quotes for new drivers.  So even if you are a teenager wanting insurance, Sharp has you covered.  Go ahead and download the magazine by clicking the link above and see how

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When you think of college and being on campus, I’m sure politeness and kindness are the last things you think of. I never really thought about it either, until I started paying better attention to my surroundings. As I was swaying back and forth on the Flash Bus, holding on for the sake of embarrassment,

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Walking around campus you see many different people. All the sorority girls are walking around with others in their group. You can tell which sorority they belong to by the letters on their shirt and matching bag. Even the frat guys are sporting their fraternity name. I am pretty sure rush (the time when people

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