Social Awareness

Walking around campus you see many different people. All the sorority girls are walking around with others in their group. You can tell which sorority they belong to by the letters on their shirt and matching bag. Even the frat guys are sporting their fraternity name. I am pretty sure rush (the time when people can try to join a sorority or fraternity) is coming up very shortly. I have decided not to go Greek. My cousin ruches and she told me a little about what she had to do to get in, and, based on how movies represent rush week, I would rather not. Although, I do feel that for some rushing is the perfect thing to do, especially if it is in your blood.

Another group you see around school are those who wear scrub clothes; Soffee shorts, beachwear, loose shirts and a ponytail. And for the guys this look requires gym shorts and t-shirts accompanied by either sneakers or flip-flops for both sexes. Next, are the glamour girls and punk princesses; these girls wear their preferred choice of fashion. They wear the trendy clothes, do their makeup all nice, and have hair that looks like they really spent their time and money. Guys do this too. You’d see them with plaid or printed shorts with a nice shirt. Although, guys have it much easier when it comes to getting ready in the morning and dealing with the heat. Last, but not least, are those who are in-between it all and just go with the flow for that day. Whether it is a scrub day or dress up day, they don’t really care; it’s just a matter of what’s convenient. Sometimes, they even pair glamour with scrub creating the “scamour style”. For instance, wearing a cute, breezy summer dress with no makeup and easy, roll out of bed hair. This seems to be the most popular fashion statement I see.

The reason I am pointing all this out is to emphasize a wonderful change between high school and college. In high school, the differences in apparel would mean a difference in friends, who you would socialize with, possible even who you’d be really nice to. Here, however, I feel a change in atmosphere. Everybody talks to everybody. I have only seen politeness and communication among all the different people and I have to say that is very refreshing.