Which College To Attend?

Deciding what college to go to is overwhelming to say the least. There’s ASU, U of A and NAU here close by but there’s also the hundreds of other colleges throughout the rest of the country. Where to even begin?

It is important to first think about what you want in a college. A large university vs. a smaller school? In a big city or a more rural community? These are all only basic questions to ask yourself, and there are many others like what is the political persuasion of the school and what are the dorms like…how many people will you have to share a bathroom with? Oh, and not to mention what kind of food they offer in the dining halls…some schools even have their own sushi bars! There are so many questions to ask that would help you choose the right school for you, and it all depends on who you are and what is important to you.

Visiting schools that are out of state is the best way to get a feel of the school and what it would be like to go there. I recently visited some colleges on the opposite side of the country: Bard in upstate New York, Emerson & Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts and Goucher in Maryland. Seeing these schools was an amazing experience and it turned out that the school I was expecting to like the most from the college guidebook, I actually liked the least. Visiting prospective schools can change your viewpoint on the school completely. It is an overwhelming and exciting decision to go out of state, and is a decision I will have to make next year. Looking at colleges out of Arizona, my own state, my own little world, has brought me new thoughts about my future and possibilities that could ultimately be rewarding.