Are Boys More Likely To Be Accepted Into College?

Looking through the pages of my September issue of Teen Vogue, searching for new fashion and beauty inspiration for the new school year, I came across an article about college admissions. The article revealed that boys are more likely to be accepted into college than girls because of the lack of boy applicants. Girls who work harder in high school, get better grades and are more involved in extracurricular activities might be turned down by universities to the next less stellar student who is a boy.

The colleges want to have an equal number of boys and girls on their campuses, but what they’re not seeing is that girls have to choose their second best school because they got turned down in place of a male applicant. I understand what the campuses are trying to achieve, but shouldn’t a girl have the same chance as a boy when applying for schools?

It’s a well-known fact that there are more jobs available to men without a college degree. Choices such as construction and mechanical work are available to men that, yes, women could do, but these aren’t careers heavily jobbed by women usually because of the physical strength required. A lot of typical “girl jobs” can’t be obtained without a college degree. This explains why girls need to go to college even more than boys.

At Greenway, classrooms tend to be as even as possible, according to Principal Mike Dellisanti.

“We pay no attention to the gender of the classroom,” he said. “It’s a random situation where the computer chooses who goes into the class according to their schedules.”

If only this could continue on throughout college, then we could have an equal-opportunity world.

Girls should not be discouraged because the world we live in practically forces a girl to go to college. Judging a person’s worth by gender must stop. If the colleges see a worthy applicant, and she happens to be female, accept her. Haven’t the women before us already fought the gender battle?